A night on the Goddamn Bull

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I am in Bangalore for my college internship. Bangalore is a great city and fell in love with it within two days. Its salubrious climate is undoubtedly the best any Indian city can offer. Bangalore food, streets, people and culture is amazing. Moreover I have a awesome Penthouse to stay from where I get a beautiful view of the city.

For quite some time I had been planning to go around on the streets on Bangalore during the midnight and further. But the first plan of a cycling trip overnight on Bangalore streets didn’t materialize so as all my previous trip this one was made in spur of a moment as soon I got a call from my friend Harmohit Toor, an amazing photographer. So we went around Bangalore streets on his Bullet Machismo 1997.

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I quote Harmohit,” When you are on it you are a King, but pulling it you look like a jackass.” Despite its roaring amazing sound the bike can be a pain when it stops every now and then. Ok no more on that. But certainly it is  a beauty and sets a man’s heart pulsating when it passes by.

Dear Harry wanted to have chicken so I took him to MM Road, Frazer Town which has the best non veg Restaurant in Bangalore- ‘Richie’s’ or ‘Rahhaman’ Family Restaurant. Due to Ramadaan there were a hoard of shops lined my the street offering some exotic and exquisite non veg cuisine from Middle East and best of Indian Muslim cuisine. Special mention to Seekh Kabab. Harry wanted to have Butter Chicken but we were so full trying different delicacies that we couldn’t have it. Later that night around 4 we stopped by shady restaurant as we damn hungry and ate butter chicken there . It was good.

We set off to capture Vidhan Soudha as I expected it to be beautifully lit with external lighting. But unfortunately there was no lighting besides the whole area was dug up due to Metro construction and couldn’t get any good vantage point. Some has rightly said Necessity is mother of all Invention. Dear Harry was struck with the idea of clicking the Macho Bullet. Fortunately Harry had an extra ‘chotu’ (small) tripod and hence all my shots are from ground level. For those who don’t know Tripod is essential during night photography.

Once we started we were amazed by the results we got. I had a torch which I used to paint the bike with light and gave nice results. I hope you guys like it.



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