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Gothic Photography

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So, this blog is not for people wanting to read some boring text. It’ll have loads of Spice or Masala in Hindi so make you journey through the whole article. Let’s Roll!

Gothic Photography, Hmmm, Aah, ooh! Ok I’m not hyperventilating, just restating the expressions people had when they saw the Gothic Exhibition. Gothic Photography in my opinion is all about your model ( if you’re clicking people) giving the right expression and having the right subjects in your frame. Not everything is needed only certain elements and their uniqueness bring out the Gothic Effect.

So I started off with my model Hunting. Now this girl on campus I knew was stark white toned and flawless skin and hence she was sure to be clicked. We got things rolling and there my group was hovering over her like she was subjected to terrorist interrogations. But she survived and Boy did she ‘Survive’ if I say. But then one mistake we faced was , she dint give the right expressions , I felt like posing myself but if you’ve seen me , I aren’t the pretty types, good looking but not pretty ( hey I’m narcissistic so bite me! ).Our fist photo was with a cross and clothes to give a nice vignetting to the frame. Since the expression wasn’t right so we had her eyes shut (don’t get me wrong , it was a musical execution to one of my best snaps).

Somehow I care a lot about people I work with so I kept asking the girl if we were too irritating for her ( we is to be read ‘I’ ). She was very humble and much to my delight I later learnt that she was very excited being part of the shoot.

Our next session had two buds o Mine. One a body builder and with long lovely locks. Now the first one with the long hair came out well all because he gives perfect expressions but then due to low light his eyes came out a black bob, so Little bit of tweaking and there he was having eyes like the “Prince Of Persia” ( I reel in a bit of self pride for bringing out that marvelous eye effect).

Now the Apple+Nail ,Fruit of Pain photo that you’ll see has been one of my most astonishing works and perfect execustion along with the photoshoping. The colors came out well and no hard work at all now that I see it. Ping me for more info on this.

Finally , The photo titled , Bloody Music is the best studio photography can bring out as I learnt. Perfect shadow reduction with my labour juniors holding the lights for me and my dear friend Swapy helping me set the frame right and his constant support , this one’s a killer and Jai( my model in the PIc) gave the most amazing expression .. colours look godly and so apt with a maroon background to kill for.

All in All Gothic was an Amazing experience and I wanna thank my make up girl Amandeep for everyting and Swapy for his constant co-operation ( I’m pretty sure he got very pissed at times but he’s cool ). An d most of all My models for bearing with me and allowing me to work on this amazing project . Thanks to all And to Photog , BITS too. 😛

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