Hercules Ryders Act 110 plus:Cycle, cycle all the way up and down…

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My latest possession is my new Hercules Ryders Act 11o plus. I will be uploading a detailed review of it soon. As of now I am loving it. Did 85 km on the very next day I got it. So far it is responding amazingly and is a pleasure to ride and instant attention grabber from onlookers where ever I go.

I never thought I would be so attracted to the idea of cycling. I had a cycle which I used for 6 years and wished the day would come soon when I get to ride a motorbike. But last fall my friend Nikhil Ramaswamy started cycling and introduced me to the ubercool new breed of cycles which sets your heart pulsating by its looks.

I love to inculcate healthy activities and take care to be physically fit. So it didn’t take much to get attracted to a cycle on which one can easily do longer distances, 50 km plus. Among the benefits of cycling I can think of following:

  • Cyclist stays physically fit without spending extra time and money in Gym.
  • One can reach their office or other places in almost the same time and at times faster when wading through heavy traffic in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai.
  • Roadbikes and Hybrid bikes can reach upto 60 kms per hour and one cycle at an average speed of 20 kms easily with some practice.
  • You save the environment.
  • It attracts as much attention as a Porsche would do. With people even on bikes and cars making enquiry how much it costed :).
  • Those with extra money can spend upto INR 200 thousand starting from INR 7k.
  • One can easily detach wheels from the frame and can hitchhike to far off places.
  • You get to experience things and notice hither to unknown things in your surroundings and it is the fastest way to get acquainted to a new city’s routes.
  • If lot of people start cycling traffic congestion can be avoided.

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Disadvantages like sweating are very minor for me to consider and I can anyways take a shower in my office.

The decision to cycle was even more easier in Bangalore because there are already thousands who cycle to work and for leisure or adventure. Once you decide to cycle next thing  is which cycle to buy as there are different cycle types viz. Roadbike, Mountain Bike & Hybrid Bike.  Within each type you have cycles of various prices and brands. Among the most famous are Canondale, Trek, Schwinn, Ducati, GT and our very own Indian Hercules.

It was a tough decision to choose the cycle. One can very easily get enchanted by the macho mountain bikes but they are slow on roads and take extra effort to cycle. Then there are Roadbikes which are super slick, light and reach very high speed but are very costly. Hybrid cycles was the answer to my quest and it very well purposed my needs. My friend Nikhil was able to convince me to go for it. I had my heart set on a mountain bike but his only question , “Will you be fine when I outdo you on the roads on my hybrid bike”. Then and there my decision was made and I am cherishing it so far.

I was faced with two options Hercules and Schwinn. While Schwinn is a foreign brand and has amazing looks with great models it was tad bit costly for my budget. So I settled down for the second best the Hercules Ryder’s Act series. Although Act 110 plus is out of production now, I was able to procure one from RR cycles, Ulsoor, Bangalore.

Great looks and a sturdy alloy frame with light weight lends it speed and strength. It is designed for the Indian roads and gives a nice comfortable ride. The bike was designed in India and is manufactured and imported from China from where all the rest of the bikes are imported. The handle bar can be rotated from racing mode to comfortable seating position and can be easily adjusted as per your need and likability. It has the Shimano Ascera gears with 3*8 combination and can make you climb 50 degrees inclines with some effort.

It has quick release on both front and back wheels so that one can take out the wheels and put it in the  back of the car and go to far off places where adventure awaits you. The seat post can also be easily adjusted with your hands using the quick release. The Innova tyres with nylon butyl tubes can go over weeks without any refilling the air. It has a large diameter and thin wheels which give you greater speeds. Most times I overtake cars and motorbikes on roads. But Bangalore is a hill hole and it is difficult to maintain high speeds for long as very soon you will meet and incline.

One can get cool accessories for the cycle like helmet, front light and rear light which makes it even more funky. Helmet is a must so that people respect you on streets. A car or bus driver can easily spot you with your helmet and is extra careful maneuvering around you. So far I have cycles 3 times to my office which is 40 km from my home. With all the attention I get on streets and the joy my cycle gives me I am simply loving it…