Warrior Poet

   I  am a ranger in the lonely woods ,

wriggling for a pass on the untrodden path.

Life is trying to ripp my ass 

     But i m a warrior ,a warrior poet 

     I will sing you to the dangers that awaits u 

    For there is no one better 

      No one insurgent enough to break the ties

     the ties that hold e’m back.

                                     – Anupam Maurya

Warrior poet as i have called myself , I sing My experiments to u,photography being the foremost. 

checkout this space for words of wisdom from the warrior poet.Many more blogs to follow .Hope u like the beginning…



              I saw her

                       Ascending slowly  in morning gown 
                 She slipped, she gripped, casting silence down 
               And out she came opening the veil of silhouettes
            Singing and dancing to morning rhyme
                Out from my hood, I saw her, igniting young desires
               And her smile engulfed all mires
                  Rejuvenated was my soul shrugging all slumber
             Raring to roar shredding lumber
                I saw her grazing out past the curves of hut 
              Whispering her secrets in her eyes
                  So profane was the whisper shattering corrupt ghouls
             Causing them to rumble  true souls
              I outgrew my hand and clasped
               But she slipped like a dream
                Oh yes!, I saw her in my dreams.
                                                    – Anupam Maurya


One thought on “Thoughts

    wilson morris said:
    June 17, 2009 at 5:57 am

    ola my bro, fotografo nice . mama sita babes goood .
    Sie sind ein Arschloch. Haltestelle schriftlich Blogs.

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