My eyes say…

Poet: Tyson aka Anirudh

Look at my eyes 

So tearful, so bright!

You see a world in them, as you have never seen before 

This world; you like it, but you won’t adore,

‘Coz its full of things you love to hate,

Call it, what I deserve or simply my disgraceful fate

To be born in a place where the love is the only thing;

The thing which we eat, the thing which we sing;

You will find enough love in my place

(Rather more than the bare neccessities, just look at my face!)

But I don’t complain, I don’t have to, I don’t want to

I have my bright stars, I have my sky, so blue

I love my clouds my birds, my flowers,my trees

My air that reminds me of my life and frees

 Me from the cobwebs of sorrow and despair

And takes to a world where I care

For nothing other than me,mine and myself

And that is the world you see for yourself 

In my eyes

So tearful so bright…


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